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Quest for Immortality

by Emerald Lord

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An oath proclaimed in desperation, yet illusion's power covers the soul; thus forgetfulness ensues. What use is there in such a life? Breeding, dying, confusion, loss of mind Birthed in ignorance, ravaged by worms, forced to consume pustulence, bound by the womb Awaken soul to divine life! Give up your false identity! Suffocation, torture, hellish abomination, purest revelation This is our birth in total darkness and ignorance, and our death is nearby.
Relentless suffering, none are exempt. No one escapes nature's sword. Better to find a way out of this eternal slaughterhouse. No one lives for long; these short lives filled with misery. Why continue such charade; all others have fallen before me. Longing for life yet receiving death, it is entirely false. Not knowing who I am, I stay in darkness. Awaken sleeping soul! Thinking we're born and meant for death, we live not! Accepting the fear of death; let go of such illusion!
ātma-māyām ṛte rājan parasyānubhavātmanaḥ na ghaṭetārtha-sambandhaḥ svapna-draṣṭur ivāñjasā bahu-rūpa ivābhāti māyayā bahu-rūpayā ramamāṇo guṇeṣv asyā mamāham iti manyate yarhi vāva mahimni sve parasmin kāla-māyayoḥ rameta gata-sammohas tyaktvodāste tadobhayam ātma-tattva-viśuddhy-arthaṁ yad āha bhagavān ṛtam brahmaṇe darśayan rūpam avyalīka-vratādṛtaḥ Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.9.1-4
The names of the different hells are as follows: Tāmisra, Andhatāmisra, Raurava, Mahāraurava, Kumbhīpāka, Kālasūtra, Asipatravana, Sūkaramukha, Andhakūpa, Kṛmibhojana, Sandaṁśa, Taptasūrmi, Vajrakaṇṭaka-śālmalī, Vaitaraṇī, Pūyoda, Prāṇarodha, Viśasana, Lālābhakṣa, Sārameyādana, Avīci, Ayaḥpāna, Kṣārakardama, Rakṣogaṇa- bhojana, Śūlaprota, Dandaśūka, Avaṭa-nirodhana, Paryāvartana and Sūcīmukha. All these planets are meant for punishing in hell. Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.26.7
Behold the Lord of the underworld, master of mystics, fulfill your eternal duty, carry out His order, Lord of life and death! Oh indwelling spirit, our obeisances unto you! We are your servants, direct us! By this servitude shall we attain and retain our eternal immortality, which is our original nature. This is the self, this is life, this is reality. Oh indwelling spirit we offer our obeisances unto you, all glory to your divine self! The way by which we know you is by your grace alone. This soul full of sorrow wishes to attain such infinite mercy. Behold the Lord of the entire world, Master of mystics. Now go soul and fulfill your eternal duty, and carry out every order.
kas tāṁ tv anādṛtya parānucintām ṛte paśūn asatīṁ nāma kuryāt paśyañ janaṁ patitaṁ vaitaraṇyāṁ sva-karmajān paritāpāñ juṣāṇam kecit sva-dehāntar-hṛdayāvakāśe prādeśa-mātraṁ puruṣaṁ vasantam catur-bhujaṁ kañja-rathāṅga-śaṅkha- gadā-dharaṁ dhāraṇayā smaranti prasanna-vaktraṁ nalināyatekṣaṇaṁ kadamba-kiñjalka-piśaṅga-vāsasam lasan-mahā-ratna-hiraṇmayāṅgadaṁ sphuran-mahā-ratna-kirīṭa-kuṇḍalam Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.2.8


Death metal for the modern mystics of the world. Self-realization is the only requirement for the human being. Repeated birth and death are the sure result for ignoring such divine endeavor. Awaken, oh sleeping soul! Arise!


released September 22, 2020


all rights reserved



Emerald Lord Indianapolis, Indiana

Behold the Lord of the Underworld (material realm), Master of mystics!

Fulfill your eternal duty; carry out His order. Lord of life and death!

Oh indwelling Spirit, our obeisances unto You! We are your servants, direct us!

- Quest for Immortality
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